Episode 567: Will Guidara on Creating the Best Restaurant in the World, How Obsession Can Be a Gift, Getting Your Team to Buy In, and Unreasonable Hospitality


Will Guidara, of Eleven Madison Park, talks about his journey to creating the #1 restaurant in the world, with three Michelin Stars and Four Stars from the New York Times. He discussed how being obsessive and noticing everything can work for you, not against you, how unreasonable hospitality became their signature mark, dealing with unhappy customers, and how to get your team to own your culture and buy-in.

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Will Guidara

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Cure Your Culture Workshop

Toxic culture. It’s something we all hear about, but how do you know if the culture at your church is toxic? And what does it cost you if it is? 

A recent Harvard Business Review study on toxic culture found that: 

  1. 38% of employees intentionally decreased the quality of their work 
  2. Nearly 50% decreased their efforts and spent less time at work 
  3. 25% admitted to taking their frustrations out on others 
  4. 66% said their performance declined


As a leader, you are the architect of your culture. Whether it’s intentional or not, you create and reinforce the culture of your team and your organization. 

The good news? It means you can create a different kind of culture at your church. A culture where your people are set up for success and your impact is amplified. 

I am hosting the Cure Your Culture Workshop—a FREE value-packed and interactive workshop where you’ll learn how to:

  1. Spot and eliminate the toxic elements of your culture
  2. Build trust on your team, and
  3. Transform the culture you’re creating

There are two 60-minute sessions at the workshop, one on May 8th and the other on May 9th. There’ll also be plenty of time for live Q&A and we’ll equip you with practical resources so you can put the learnings into action.

You can register for the Cure Your Culture workshop completely free at churchcultureworkshop.com. To join live, be sure to register by May 5th at the latest.

A quick side note: if you are seeing this after May 8th, 2023 you can still find a replay of the event for free.


You know that engagement is crucial for guiding people on their faith journey. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it can be a fight to stand out from the noise. 

If you’ve ever sent an important email that nobody read or spent time scratching your head about how to use TikTok,  you know exactly what I mean.

That’s where Gloo’s FREE texting service comes in. Consider this:

  1. Texting has a 98% open rate
  2. And response times average 90 seconds
  3. Plus, you text every day, so you’re already a pro.

Compare that to a 20% open rate for email, and it’s no wonder thousands of churches are making text a central part of their communication strategy

And text isn’t just great at getting important messages out in real-time. Every day I learn about new and creative ways churches use texting. Things like:

  1. Building a stronger prayer culture
  2. Welcoming new visitors
  3. And more. 

Gloo knows how important it is for churches to have access to this powerful communication technology.

That’s why they’re working with Kingdom-minded donors to ensure money never gets in the way of a church reaching and engaging as many people as possible.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and send your first text. No credit card required. Ever. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way your church communicates. 

Go to get.gloo.us/texting to sign up today.

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