10 profitable businesses ideas in Accra

  1. Restaurant or food truck: Accra has a diverse population with a variety of culinary preferences, so starting a restaurant or food truck that caters to a specific type of cuisine could be a profitable venture.
  2. Online store: With the increasing use of the internet in Ghana, starting an online store that sells products or services could be a good business opportunity.
  3. Event planning and management: Accra has a vibrant events scene, so starting a business that plans and manages events could be profitable.
  4. Home cleaning and home organization services: With many people working long hours, there is a demand for home cleaning and organization services in Accra.
  5. Tutoring and education services: With a growing middle class, there is a demand for private tutoring and education services in Accra.
  6. Personal fitness training: With an increasing focus on health and wellness, personal fitness training could be a profitable business in Accra.
  7. Graphic design and marketing services: With the growth of small businesses in Accra, there is a demand for graphic design and marketing services to help them effectively promote their products and services.
  8. Hair and beauty services: Accra has a thriving hair and beauty industry, so starting a hair salon or beauty parlor could be a profitable business idea.
  9. Car repair and maintenance services: With a growing number of cars on the roads in Accra, car repair and maintenance services could be in high demand.
  10. Agricultural products and services: Accra is located in a region with a strong agricultural tradition, so starting a business that provides agricultural products or services, such as seedlings, fertilizers, or agricultural machinery, could be profitable.

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