How to make money publishing books on Amazon KDP in 2023


Publishing a book on Amazon is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. It’s also incredibly easy! You simply write a book and upload it to Amazon KDP, where readers can buy it and read it immediately after purchase. You don’t need to print anything or take any risks with inventory—once you’ve written your book, all you have to do is publish it through KDP and watch how much passive income rolls in. But if you want more information about how this process works (or what kinds of books people are buying), keep reading!

how to make money publishing books on Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is a self-publishing platform where you can upload your books and make money by selling them. You can also make money by using Amazon affiliate links in your book descriptions and promoting it on social media.

If you’re looking to publish a book on Amazon KDP, this article will teach you how to set up an account with Amazon KDP, how to format your manuscript for publishing and how to submit it for review.

Sell your book on KDP.

  • Go to and sign in with your Amazon account details.
  • Click on “Add new title”, then select the book category on which you want your book listed (for example: fiction) and click on “Create new title” button next to it
  • Create a title for your book; this can be anything but it should be short and memorable so users will remember it easily, especially if they search by keyword later on
  • Add description; this is where you tell the reader what they are getting into when they purchase/download/read your book (iTunes excerpt). The description should be unique or else Amazon will reject it! Check out other authors kindle books’ descriptions to get ideas of how they write their own descriptions
  • Select whether or not you want your ebook free during launch promotion period (this is optional – we’ll talk about different types of promotions later). If yes then choose date range for promotion from select calendar options available under “Choose Start & End Date” section below Promotion Plan Details section

Build your email list.

You may think you can’t build an email list if you are only publishing eBooks, but that is not the case. You can still generate leads and create a relationship with your audience by building an email list.

Here are some tips on how to build your email list:

  • Create an opt-in form where readers can sign up for your newsletter/ebooks.
  • Integrate Mailchimp with KDP so that subscribers automatically receive emails when they join your list.
  • Offer freebies in exchange for signing up (eBooks, templates etc.)

Build an author website.

An author website is a great way to promote your book and connect with potential readers. Make sure it looks professional, as this will help you appear more credible in the eyes of potential buyers. Include a link to where people can buy your book, as well as another link that leads visitors to your author page on Amazon KDP (this will give them access to all of your books). You might also consider adding social media buttons so visitors can follow you on Facebook and/or Twitter, which can help spread the word about any new books that get published in the future.

The goal here is not just so people can read what they want but also because many authors make money by selling advertising space on their websites. So it’s good practice for all types of content creators such as bloggers or video game designers who work under contract with companies like Google adwords™

Marketing your book.

The most important thing you can do to sell your book is tell people about it. This can be done in a variety of ways, including social media, email marketing and paid advertising. In addition to these traditional forms of marketing, there are also some free tools that you can use to promote your book as well. We’ll give an overview of each method below:

Run ads on Facebook and Instagram that link to your landing page.

You can also run ads on Facebook and Instagram that link to your landing page. You’ll want to make sure that the landing page is relevant to what people saw in the ad, and that it’s optimized for conversion as well.

Join Facebook groups and Reddit groups related to writing, publishing, and self-publishing, and engage with these communities.

Join Facebook groups and Reddit groups related to writing, publishing, and self-publishing, and engage with these communities. Participate in discussions about the industry and share your own experiences as an author or publisher.

Ask questions of other members of the community to learn how they made money publishing books on Amazon KDP in 2023. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

You can publish books on Amazon and make passive income.

You can publish books on Amazon and make passive income.


The key to making money publishing Kindle books is to remember that the process is like a business. You need an audience, you need content to sell, and you need to market your product. If you can do those things consistently and with discipline, then you’ll be successful in this space!

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