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Google’s making big changes to search.

Google’s Project Magi, a new type of search engine that Google is planning, would allow users to do transactions right there on Google without going to a website.

The release of Project Magi is going to change how we perform search.

In this blog post, we will explore the details of Project Magi, its potential impact on SEO and paid ads, and the long-term implications on jobs.

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Project Magi: What Is It?

Project Magi is a new type of search engine that Google is working on.

The New York Times released an article on how Google is getting worried. There are some rumors going around about Samsung potentially making Bing its default search engine, which would cost Google around $3 billion. If a similar thing also happened with Apple, it would cost them even more money.

Google’s getting nervous, of course, because everyone’s talking about AI and ChatGPT and how Microsoft’s integrating it. And when Google released Bard, it didn’t have the best reviews and their stock price went down (10% in one week!), losing them billions of dollars:

So Google, in essence, is planning a new type of search engine.

Project Magi has about 160 engineers who are focused on it, and what they’re doing is trying to make Google Search more conversational.

So for example, if you are looking for new running shoes, over time, it will learn the size of the shoe that you wear, if you have narrow feet or wide feet, as well as allow you – and this is the big one – to do a transaction right there on Google without going to a website.

The project aims to improve the search experience by making it much more personalized. This would allow users to get more accurate and relevant results for their specific queries, leading to a better user experience.

So they’re planning on releasing some of this stuff in the next few months, and this is going to have huge implications for both paid ads and SEO.

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The Impact of Project Magi on SEO

The release of Project Magi has huge implications for SEO.

Traditionally, SEO has been about optimizing websites for keywords and phrases to rank higher in search results. However, with Project Magi, the search experience would become more conversational and personalized. This means that the focus of SEO would shift towards creating content that answers users’ questions directly and provides personalized solutions.

Going back to our shoes example, if a user is looking for “the best running shoes for wide feet,” the focus of SEO would shift towards creating content that directly answers that query. The content would need to provide personalized solutions based on that user’s preferences, such as their shoe size and width.

People are afraid that Google’s just taking traffic away, but these things create a better experience and cause more people to use Google in the long run. And according to Danny Sullivan, Google has continually driven more organic traffic to websites each and every year.

If you look at what Google’s done in the past with, for instance, weather, it used to be when you wanted to search what the weather was in Los Angeles, California, or Vancouver, B.C., you would go to or Google would send you to a website. Now it just shows you the weather right there in search:

And there were many more changes with things like the Knowledge Graph that ended up changing how SEO was done:

So with all these AI changes, I do believe it’s going to reduce traffic going to websites, but I also think it’s going to cause more people to use Google, which can help counteract that. And this won’t work for every single query out there.

This means that SEOs would need to focus on creating more conversational and personalized content that caters to users’ specific needs. They would also need to optimize their content for voice search, as more users would be using voice assistants to search for information.

The bottom line is that search is going to change quite a bit. Probably in the next five years max, it’s going to be completely re-imagined. And so I think in the next year or two, you should really crank up what you’re doing from what we’ve all known to be traditional SEO: Make sure you have strong domain authority, ramp up the content, and use the AIs to help you create more content that’s high quality.

Remember, while the shift towards conversational search may have implications for the SEO industry, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it may present new opportunities for SEO professionals to optimize for conversational queries and long-tail keywords that may not have been as prevalent in traditional search. Additionally, the emphasis on user experience and personalization could lead to more engaged and satisfied users, ultimately benefiting both consumers and businesses.

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The Impact of Project Magi on Paid Ads

Project Magi will also have a significant impact on paid ads.

Currently, paid ads are based on a cost-per-click (CPC) model, where advertisers bid on specific keywords to appear at the top of the search results. With Project Magi, Google could switch to a cost-per-action (CPA) model, where advertisers only pay when a user completes a specific action, such as making a purchase.

Think of this: If you’re just paying Google for that cost, it doesn’t matter if someone goes to your website or not, because all you care about is are you generating the sale and is it profitable? Whether they come to your website or not, as long as you can keep generating more sales, you should be happy because that means more revenue from you.

This will have implications for advertisers, as they will need to optimize their ads for specific actions, rather than just clicks.

Maybe you’re not optimizing as much for clicks to your website, but maybe you’re optimizing for Google showcasing your product or service when someone’s using their prompt to converse with to figure out what product or service to buy.

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The Long-Term Implications of Project Magi on Jobs

The release of Project Magi will have long-term implications for jobs.

According to Jason Calacanis, host of the “All In” podcast, “most jobs are going to be nuked. At least a third of jobs will be nuked, if not more.

This isn’t about phone operators, farmers or dishwashers — this is about knowledge workers. Your knowledge has been commoditized, your ability to be nimble and learn new skills is all that matters.”

The rate of innovation in AI is increasing, and companies like Google and Microsoft must invest heavily in AI to stay ahead of the competition.

As a quick side note, the actual rate of investment of VC dollars going into AI in 2022 dropped a lot because we weren’t really sure what was happening in the backend, and then this ChatGPT thing came out last year. And now everyone’s looking at Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program that generates images from natural language descriptions, and Stable Diffusion, a deep learning model that turns text prompts into images:

And so I think we’re just going to see the rate of innovation increase because Google is not going to want to give up their market share.

As for the potential job loss, it’s true that the advancements in AI and automation may lead to the displacement of some jobs. However, it’s also important to remember that technological advancements have historically created new jobs and industries, and it’s likely that the same will hold true in this case.

In fact, the increased demand for AI and machine learning experts, as well as data analysts and digital marketers, may create new job opportunities in the tech industry.

Final Thoughts on Project Magi

Google’s Project Magi represents a significant shift towards conversational search and personalized user experiences. While it may have implications for the SEO and advertising industries, it also presents new opportunities for innovation and growth.

As with any technological advancement, there may be some job displacement, but it’s important to remember that new industries and job opportunities may also arise.

Ultimately, the focus on improving the user experience and providing personalized, conversational search results is a positive development for both consumers and businesses.

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