User Spotlight: Interview with Yash Rupela

Welcome back Funnel Hackers! In this episode of User Spotlight at ClickFunnels, Yash Rupela shares his fascinating journey from being broke to making six figures in less than a year. Prepare to be inspired, you don’t want to miss this one!

Many of us can connect to Yash’s touching journey. His parents sold their home to send him to Canada for a brighter future. They wanted to support their son’s choices because they believed in him. They sent him to start his adventure with $30K because they knew his future was greater in Canada. Yash struggled as many international students do, he was jobless, and his lack of money was a constant in his life. However, surrendering was not an option.

He began on this journey in 2021. He had no support, money, or employment after he finished school in Canada. So he decided to take one final chance and approach his brother for a loan. Because of all his family had done for him, he was driven by a strong desire and it worked!

Yash acknowledged the value of investing himself. He began using ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing, but he didn’t stop there. He kept on reading Russell’s books, attending FHL, and working on himself to be the greatest version of himself for others. He encourages people to keep going, even if the situations drag them down.

He encourages individuals to keep pushing on despite their circumstances dragging them down.

“If I was able to do it, everyone can. My journey started literally from less than scratch […] Expert secrets change my life, it gives me the parameters to keep on building a successful business and to plan a structure to achieve my goals. It took me 17 days to get my first $18 commission” 

It was a pleasure having Yash with us; he is a powerful and inspirational entrepreneur who shares something in common with many of our impressive interviewees. The best advice he can provide is to SIMPLY DO IT! Start by taking that very first step, then move forward.

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